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Why Should You Conduct A Commercial Roof Survey?


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We offer the best roofing services for commercial and industrial properties at Enviroply Roofing. Blue roofs, green roofs, and many other roofing options are available in the North West for both residences and businesses. In addition to providing roof surveys, also provides other services. The principle underlies our approach to our work. Whatever the case may be, why should your roof even be inspected? How does inspecting your roof as a business benefit you?

What Is The Process Of A Commercial Roof Survey?

Roof inspections and reports serve the same purpose as roof surveys. An expert inspects a roof to determine whether it is in good condition and if it has any problems. We need to consider a number of problems and issues:

  • The poor drainage or lack of maintenance of a flat roof can lead to ponding or flooding. Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to rainwater accumulation on flat roofs.
  • The cost and time involved in repairing water infiltration or leaks in your building may be considerable. By conducting commercial roof surveys, it is possible to detect early signs of water leaks, potentially saving your business from serious damage.
  • It is possible for roofs to be damaged over time by UV rays, rain, snow, or even the wind as a result of these elements. As a result of birds, roofs can also experience problems.
  • The roof will corrode, rip, or tear over time if it is not made of strong and durable materials. In addition, improper adhesive application or incomplete mechanical fixing can cause this problem.
  • Rotted wood, damaged roof decks, exposed insulation, and holes are among the causes of roof failures. It is possible to determine whether these problems exist on your roof by having it inspected.

How Does Roof Surface Analysis Benefit You?

You can avoid potential problems by having a professional survey your commercial roof. Using this knowledge could benefit you in the following ways:

  • It may be possible to repair your roof before it becomes too damaged if you can find a time-saving solution to your problems.
  • Prior to deciding on your new roof options, you should examine your existing roof deck.
  • Buyers of new commercial properties may benefit greatly from independent roof surveys. It may be possible to negotiate the price if there are any problems or faults.
  • You may be approved for repairs after the roof survey is conducted by an insurance company. The profits of your business won’t be diminished by the installation of a new roof on your property.

Increased Efficiency

Regular roof inspections can help you identify minor roof problems before they become expensive. Repairs that are small save time and money, as they are completed much faster than large ones.

West Midlands and London property buyers, insurance companies, and dilapidations are served by Roof Surveys. Additionally, we can assess any industrial or commercial building, regardless of the type of felt or synthetic membrane that it is made up of, liquid applied membrane, composite panels or tiles.

The inspection of your property will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, and our team will make sure the roof is examined from all angles, identifying problems and recommending a waterproofing solution that is tailored for your property. During the inspection, we will show you photographic evidence and suggest repair, refurbishment, or replacement options for roofs and gutters.


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