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The Torture & Murder of Vera Jo Reigle


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Vera Jo Reigle was a teenage girl who married a boy at the age of thirteen to get away from her abusive mother and stepfather. She was mentally challenged and was used to birth a baby for her new husband’s mother. Willadean, her husband, stabbed Vera Jo Reigle to death. Her mind was eight to twelve years old, which was abnormal for a 24 year-old woman. She was abused by her father repeatedly and became abusive to her mom’s boyfriend when he went to prison.

Daniel Bixler Sentenced To 40 Years To Life In Prison

Vera Jo Reigle was tortured and murdered for over four days before her death. Her boyfriend, Daniel Bixler, and girlfriend, Nicole Gibson, confessed to the crime. They had a plan to kill Vera, and they all had a plan. Nicole and Daniel were at the home together, but they took breaks from beating Vera. Then they returned to murder her.

The baby Willadean Brooks, who was adopted by Daniel Bixler and Nicole Peters, was not found in her body. Instead, police found Vera Jo Reigle’s body on a railroad track. Her body was beaten and stabbed, and she was tortured to death for her baby. Daniel Bixler was found guilty of torture and murder, and he was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. The other two defendants, Cheri and Nicole Peters, were sentenced to a combined total of 23 years in prison.

Vera Jo Reigle’s death was the result of an ongoing drug-trafficking case. After Vera Jo died, her boyfriend was sentenced to 40 years in prison. He has since been released.

Zachary Brooks Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

Vera Jo Reigle was diagnosed with ADHD and suffered from serious learning disabilities. She had also suffered from sexual abuse throughout her life. She began a relationship with Zachary Brooks when she was 22. She and Brooks eventually got married and had two children.

The torture began four days before the murder. Vera was beaten intermittently with a paddle. When she was allowed to take a break, Nicole Gibson would come out and beat her. She was then instructed to make up lame excuses for the beatings.

Zachary was also accused of obstructing justice and threatening the witness. It is unclear if Zachary was involved in the killing of Vera Jo. The investigation continues. The state is requesting that Zachary be detained for at least four years.

Zachary Brooks’s alleged crimes went beyond the ordinary. They went beyond a basic sexual assault and torture of a victim. Vera Jo had a difficult childhood and was repeatedly abused by her biological father and her mother’s boyfriend. Zachary was only thirteen years old when he met Vera Jo. At the time, Zachary and Cheri Lynne Brooks treated her kindly, but she had an ulterior motive.

Vera Jo Reigle’s Body Was Culled Up Into A Fetal Position

Police believe that a woman named Vera Jo Reigle was killed by blunt force trauma. Her death has triggered a murder investigation, and  her  cousin  Daniel  Bixler  is facing a murder charge. According to police, they found evidence of VeraJo’s torture and death in the family home, including the blood-stained sweatshirt of her daughter. After seeing the evidence, Daniel and Nicole confessed to the crime and told police how they had been coached by SugarBabe.

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Vera Jo Reigle was a mentally disabled woman with an unstable family life. The story reveals the grisly nature of the plan to have the baby. The family arranged for her to become pregnant through Zachary’s womb. Cheri then takes custody of  the  fetus before she gives birth to it. She also forced Vera Jo Reigle to drink three bottles of Castor oil – a traditional remedy for inducing labor.

Despite the grim details, the investigation is largely centered on the crime’s motive. While the motive for Vera Jo Reigle’s death remains a mystery, there are some theories that explain the crime. One of these is that her baby daddy, Zachary Brooks, was planning to murder Vera. He was a narcotics dealer and sold drugs.

Cheri’s Obsession With Baby Girls

Cheri Brooks, the matriarch of the notorious crime family the Crips, has a strange obsession with little girls. She claims to have been sexually abused as a child, and her obsession with baby girls began when she was just 16 years old. Her mother, Vera, says that Cheri would encourage her to have babies and that she would get pregnant herself.


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