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Optimising Your Site Content For The Mobile Audience


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Today people prefer a tiny screen of mobile over a large screen desktop to browse a wide range of content including blogs, articles, videos, images, and even news updates. Modern designers are aware of the fact that the mobile phone allows users to view only a limited section of the content, creating a need to scroll. Some may prefer short and specific content while some users are patient enough to scroll till the last word. Mobile users can view content anytime, anywhere while desktop users are fixed in one place. As a developer,  one should focus on taking advantage of mobile devices in circulating your content faster.

But do you want to know about a couple of things that you can do to optimize your website for a mobile audience? Then here are some of the amazing things that you can do to achieve this goal.

Optimizing Your Mobile Site For Page Speed

Creating a mobile-friendly website is not an easy task. There are several factors or tools that you need to use to achieve the desired optimization levels.

The most important factor is the loading time of your website page. Customers will not look into your website if the page loading time is slow. As a developer, the website should work with a slower network, a smaller browser, cache memory, HTML, and Javascript of a mobile device.

Some mobile browsers are capable of using local memory for caching resources but still, Mobile catches have a limitation and cannot hold as much content as a desktop browser.

SEO services can provide you with a Mobile Optimiser that can help you speed up loading time or lets you embed resources in HTML.  Another way is to use mobile browsers to speed up the loading time on mobile devices.

A mobile website should have a simple layout design instead of images or videos which can result in a long loading time or crash of your website. As a businessman, you have to make sure your website is offering a great user experience if you want to generate more leads.

Use Of Short Title

SEO services suggest that headline should be around 6 words because a 6-word headline doesn’t get curtailed on mobile devices.

Just like headings, short paragraphs are easy to read on mobile screens, but short paragraphs don’t mean bland content, you have to make your content appealing to those reading on mobile screens.

Use Small Words

SEO services advise using fewer words to give a smoother reading experience to the visitor on the mobile device. Some creators use lots of words that have easier meanings but instead of impressing the readers with shorter words work on making words simpler. For example: for the word “ Obtain” you can write “get”. The content should be easily digested by your audience.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Your competitor will snatch your visitors if your website is not mobile-friendly. Smartphones and several other handheld devices do have some limitations that often put off users who will shun your website. To retain users you must avoid:

  • Never-ending scrolling
  • Irritating pinch to zoom feature.
  • You need to display CTAs buttons along with having your customers sign up for the newsletter.

You should know that several websites work perfectly on desktops or laptops but do not work on mobile screens. Thus importance should be given to the menu bar when it is implemented into mobile optimization because it is the storehouse of navigational data.

You can create three bars that can give ideas to the audience that the menu is expandable.

Another mistake by developers is that they miss out on the display of contact information while optimizing the websites for mobile devices. Contact information is necessary and making it appear on mobile screens is not a difficult task as you can make a different column on your website to see contact information.

 If you are not clear about what to include and exclude while making a website mobile-friendly, you can always get help from these SEO services. SEO services are experts in every aspect of website content. They can run research on your website and can give you a report on what can be removed or included, and what is the most needed of today’s mobile using generation.

There are many SEO specialists who can offer some amazing services for your website. All you need to do is to such search for the right service provider.


You should not settle for a less responsive site when trying to create a website mobile-friendly because it may not be reader-friendly. Your audience will read your content on their mobile so write simple formatting content with the help of SEO services. SEO services can help you in making your website more attractive to mobile users. So, keep the above-mentioned things in your mind and you will get a site that is mobile-friendly.


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