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Diet And Lifestyle Modifications Tips For Seasonal Allergies


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Ayurveda, the historical technological know-how of life Allergies and the medicinal drug had divided the whole 12 months into six seasons consistent with the vitiation, series, and quenching of dosha. These are Shishir (wintry weather season), Vasant (spring season), Grisham (summertime), Varsha (rainy season), Sharad (autumn), and Hemant (late autumn).

Various forms of allergic reactions can occur in each season. Allergens are the causative dealers which are liable for the reason of hypersensitivity. Example of such allergens is; positive meals, pollen, pet dander, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss distinctive styles of seasons and related seasonal allergies, a few lifestyle diversifications for the prevention of different seasonal hypersensitive reactions.


The season is can be described as its miles the splitting of the year based on alterations in

∙  Ecology, Weather, Number of daytime of a place

According to Ayurveda, The complete yr is split into six seasons. These six seasons are

Vasanta Ritu

The English call of Vasanta Ritu is the spring season. This season starts offevolved from the mid of March and ends in mid of May.

Greeshma Ritu

Greeshma Ritu begins from the mid of May and ends in mid of July. Summer season is the English name of Greeshma Ritu.

Varsha Ritu

This season is called Monsoon. Monsoon starts in the mid of July and leads to mid of September.

Sharad Ritu

According to Ayurveda, Sharad Ritu is referred to as the fall season that starts from the mid of September and leads to mid of November.

Hemanta Ritu

It is known as early winter. Hemanta Ritu begins from the mid of November and ends in mid of January.

Shishira Ritu

Shishira Ritu is referred to as overdue winter. It starts from the mid of January to mid of March.


Allergy is a not unusual disorder that is also known as Allergic sickness this is prompted due to the allergy of the immune device to overseas materials within the surroundings. These dangerous materials also are called allergens. The immune gadget is accountable to guard the frame from numerous dangerous pathogens.


Symptoms of hypersensitive reaction are dependent upon the harmful substance involved and may affect your sinuses, nasal passages, and your airlines. Therefore, some varieties of allergic reactions can cause an existence-threatening response known as anaphylaxis. For this form of hypersensitivity, there are Skin Specialist Hospitals to be visited for correct precautions.

Some Common Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis Or Hay Fever Are;

∙ Itching of the eyes, nostrils, or roof of the mouth, Stuffy and runny nose, Sneezing, Red, watery or swollen eyes (Conjunctivitis)

Some Common Symptoms of Food Allergy Are

∙ Swelling of the tongue, lips, throat, or face, Tingling within the mouth, Hives, Nausea, Anaphylaxis

Some Common Symptoms of An Insect Sting Allergy Are

∙Hives or itching everywhere in the body

∙Swelling (edema) at the sting web page

∙Chest tightness, Cough

∙Wheezing or shortness of breath


Some Common Symptoms of A Drug Allergy Are;

∙ Itching, Rashes, Swelling of the face, Wheezing, Anaphylaxis

Seasons and Their Related Allergies

Vasanta Ritu or Spring Season

The Spring season is a season of nurturing pollen production of many types of grass, timber, and weeds. During this season human beings are affected by diverse pollen allergic reactions. And those pollen hypersensitive reactions may also trigger allergies and respiration troubles. Hay fever is the most common allergic reaction of the spring season.

Tips for Diet and Lifestyle Modification in Spring Season

During this season people must consume foodstuffs that might be rich in katu (Pungent), tikta (sour), and kashaya (Astringent) in taste like honey, wheat, the beef of tropical dwelling birds and animals, and so on.

Avoid consuming bloodless food, day sleep, consuming a heavy meal, and getting exposure to pollen.

Regular use of masks when outside

Proper cleaning of your pets and residence

Greeshma Ritu or Summer Season

The allergic reactions of the summer season are generally cause by the pollens of grass, which reaches low ranges to high tiers throughout the summer season months. The maximum not unusual fall hypersensitive reaction is Ragweed. During the summer season, Stinging bugs and Mold spores are other hypersensitivity culprits.

Tips for Diet and lifestyle modification in the summer season:

Here are some wholesome weight-reduction plan hints for the summer season.

Eat a mild meal due to the fact the digestive power is very low in this season.

Avoid alcohol intake

Drink lots of fluids

Try to keep the home windows and doors closed

Avoid letting the insects and pollen into your automobile and home

During this season, the Growth of mold spores, fungus, and seeds causes respiratory allergic reactions. The main threat to allergic reaction sufferers in this season is weed pollen; it reaches its top at the give up of this season. Examples of monsoon hypersensitive reactions are Allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma

Eat a very light food plan and foodstuffs which incorporate katu (Pungent), tikta (sour), and kashaya (Astringent) in flavor. The best Medicine for Impotence treatment is Snovitra 20Mg and Sildalist 140mg

Wear fully-blanketed cotton garments

This season is challenging for you in case you were a seasonal sneezer. In most parts of the united states of America, temperature drops during this season. The dry and cold air can trigger allergies. Seasonal hypersensitive reactions of autumn are; Hay fever, Asthma, and so on. In this season Respiratory diseases and COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) cases are at their height.

Tips for Diet and Lifestyle Modification in Autumn

Consume that weight loss program that is rich in Madhura (candy), tikta (bitter), and kashaya (Astringent) flavor. These 3 rasas pacify pitta dosha because in Sharad Ritu there may be a localization of pitta dosha.

Eat Vitamin C enriched fruits

Avoid overexposure to cold and dry air

Use of salted, sour, and creamy juice of the meat of aquatic animals.

Use extra iron-rich meals objects.

In the wintry weather season,

Diverse indoor allergies may additionally arise due to dry air and residence dust. However, house dirt mites, cockroaches, and animal dander are the maximum not unusual allergens of the iciness season. Allergies of this season also are know as winter allergic reactions. In the wintry weather season, cases of cold, fever, and bronchial asthma are high.

In this season individuals need to eat amla (Citrus), Madhura (Sweet), and Lavan (salty) foodstuffs

Replace sugary food objects with candy root veggies and soup.

Fresh ginger tea is beneficial in the treatment of sore throat which could be very common in winters.

Vitamin A-wealthy culmination keep wholesome throughout winters i.E. Sweet potato.

One needs to use heated rooms and chambers.

Say sure to do physical sports.

Always use nicely-blanketed seats, beds with silk sheets, woolen sheets, or blankets

During this season, people spend the maximum of their time indoors, which makes them extra prone to indoor allergens. After that, house dust is the most common allergen of this season. In north India, pollutants and fog tiers are very excessive. Shishira Ritu is refer to as late wintry weather. It starts offevolved from the mid of January to mid of March.

Tips for Diet and Lifestyle Modification in Late Winter

During this season human beings must devour amla (Citrus), Madhura (Sweet), and Lavan (salty) foodstuffs.

Proper use of a mask

Consume citrus and amla result in your weight loss plan

Make a dependency of self-rub down (abhyanga) before showering.

Practice Yogasana, Pranayama, and Meditation for at least 20 minutes.

Regular use of sunlight hours or daylight prevents seasonal affective problems.


In this newsletter, we concluded that with the aid of following the above-mentioned weight-reduction plan and lifestyle change recommendations you can shield your frame from numerous seasonal hypersensitive reactions.

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