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Deped Learner Information System (LIS) User’s Guide


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The Learner Information System (LIS) is an online facility that provides for the registration of learners enrolled in all schools run or licensed by Deped. This system helps in the tracking of students in both formal and non-formal instruction so that more appropriate interventions can be formulated to improve learning outcomes.

Enrollment of Learners

Learners can be enrolled or removed from classes/sections in DepED Learner Information System LIS. To enrol a learner or batch of learners, select the class/section on the Masterlist then click the Enrol button.

The “First Date of Attendance” is the actual first date that a learner reported in school for the current School Year. This date should be stated in the “Enrollment History” section of a learner’s profile.

A mistakenly enrolled learner can be removed by clicking the Un-enroll button opposite the learner’s name on the list of learners in a selected class/section. This removes the learner from that class/section and makes him/her a member of another class.

Enrollment of Classes/Sections

The enrollment of a particular learner is a complex and time consuming task that requires a fair amount of human interaction. The LIS system was designed to make the process easier on all parties involved, and to a lesser extent the learners themselves. Aside from the nitty gritty of enrollment, the LIS system has many other functions such as reporting attendance and school performance on an ongoing basis.

The best way to accomplish this task is to make use of the LIS online portal. To access it, you need to log on using your LDAP or NLE account credentials (the default ones are awk). After logging in, select the dashboard tab from the main menu and the LIS v2 home page will appear. On this page, you will see a series of tabs corresponding to the different LIS modules.

Enrolment of Learners in LESF

Enrolment of learners in LESF is a process that involves identifying the learner’s details such as grade, track, school year, and class. Then the relevant information is encoded in LIS.

The LIS system is capable of encoding learner details for incoming and outgoing students, as well as encoding quarterly grades by learning area. It also has the ability to produce an Excel copy of learner’s grades.

Using LIS to tag a learner is a simple process that can be carried out by the student’s parents, guardians, and teachers. The process is also a fun way to learn about the system and get familiar with its capabilities. Moreover, it is a great way to keep the school informed about the learner’s progress. This is especially important when the student transfers schools or enrolls in a different learning environment.

Enrolment of Learners in EBEIS

The enrollment of learners starts on May 2, 2016 in all public secondary schools. Class advisers will assign enrolled learners under their respective classes.

Enrolment of learners in EBEIS can be done either by LRN or by name. You can also search for a learner by LRN from the Masterlist page.

Learner’s data on LIS including personal background and CCT information must be updated quarterly.

Note: The actual date of enrollment must be encoded in the system to ensure accuracy of enrollment history.

LIS personnel should be familiarized with the operation of the system to provide technical assistance and support to class advisers. They should also be trained on the importance of maintaining the privacy of learner’s LIS data, especially in social media sites.

Enrolment of Learners in LIS

The LIS is an online facility that provides for the registration of learners enrolled in schools run or licensed by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines.

LIS also helps teachers to track learners and their performance in formal or non-formal education. In addition, it is a tool for delivering curriculum-based assessments and providing individualised feedback to students and teachers.

The LIS system uses a unique learner reference number (LRN) to identify and track learners. It is an effective and efficient way to track and evaluate learning effectiveness by enabling individualised practice and feedback.


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