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Canadian Immigration Consultants Offer Five Benefits


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What’s the difference between a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Local Immigration Agency?

Nearly every country around the world has so-called “agencies” that help their citizens enter Canada.  These agencies have many successful clients, but they also have many failed applications. Due to the lack of professional competency of these agencies, it can be hit or miss.

Anyone can put together a visa application by reading online information. Who can create a visa application that truly meets the requirements of Canadian immigration law? It is here that a licensed Canadian immigration consultant can help.

What are the benefits of working with an RCIC? Definitely yes. If you choose to work with a licensed Canadian immigration consultant, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Having Professional Immigration Law Training

During our studies of Canadian immigration and refugee law, we spend at least one year. The requirements for foreign nationals entering Canada, staying in Canada, and becoming permanent residents are fully understood by the time we graduate. Since there is no single immigration pathway for everyone, this education is beneficial to you. Each person’s immigration journey is unique, due to their educational background, work experience, and other qualifications.

  1. Requirements And Their Why

You will only be asked to submit the requirements listed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It’s not a guarantee that you will be approved if you submit all the requirements. The requirements provided by IRCC are intended only to satisfy immigration law. A visa officer evaluates your application in accordance with immigration law when reviewing it. No matter how many documents you have, if they do not comply with the law, you’ll be denied.

  1. Submission Letters

If you are applying for a visa to Canada, you will not be interviewed by a visa officer. Sending your documents is the most you can do. Some parts of your application will not be subject to further explanation or defense. If you wish, your licensed Canadian immigration consultant can write a submission letter on your behalf. Her submission letter allows her to fight for your approval. If necessary, she can cite specific sections of immigration law to support your application, explain how you meet the requirements, or defend weaker parts of your application. It can greatly improve your chances of getting a visa approved.

  1. The Options After A Visa Refusal

Your visa application has been denied. What next? You can only refile your application if you don’t work with a licensed Canadian immigration consultant. Is that really the best option for you? Is there anything it will change? Your first application went wrong, but how do you know what went wrong?

RCICs can request a copy of your visa officer’s notes if you’re working with one. It provides us with an understanding of the reasons behind the visa officer’s refusal. We can determine the best course of action after reviewing the notes.  There are four options we can choose from:

  • Request a reconsideration of the visa officer’s decision
  • If the application has recourse, file an appeal
  • Submit a judicial review request to the Canadian federal court
  • Identify the reasons for the visa officer’s refusal and file a new application
  1. Canada’s Assistance

SPIVAS Immigration Consulting only offers this last item. SPIVAS is committed to helping our clients succeed beyond the visa process. We therefore offer additional assistance to clients once they arrive in the country. Networking opportunities, job searches, and settlement are all included.

Don’t sign a retainer agreement without thinking it through. Do you have all the tools you’ll need to succeed with your choice? Hopefully yes. Best wishes for your plans and journey to Canada. Keep your end goal in mind at all times, so that each step will lead you closer to your destination.


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